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Send us a message below about the occasion, the number of participants, and your deadline.

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Upon receiving our e-mail template, organize your participants to leave a voicemail on the Resonance phone number: 206-552-8332

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We edit the voicemails, add original music, and send you the gift of Resonance.

Resonance sound montages are meaningful and everlasting gifts. Every montage is custom made with love. Due to the personal nature of the gift, we are intimately involved with each creation.
Please send a message with information about the occasion, number of participants and your deadline. Learn more about pricing here.

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Resonance Sound Montage Gifts

What People Say About Resonance

Resonance Sound Montage Gift Review

Joe, Resonance Recipient

 "My Resonance is one of the most heartwarming gifts I have ever received. It brings me joy and fills my heart every time I hear voices of people I love express how they see me and how much they love me. Whenever I need a pick me up or confidence boost I listen to my Resonance and am reminded of all the love I have in my life. It’s amazing!" 

Review of Resonance, sound montage gifts for weddings, birthdays, and graduations

Aubrey, Resonance Giver

"What inspired me to give a gift of Resonance, is that I wanted a gift that was thoughtful and creative and something extraordinary because it was an extraordinary occasion. The process was simple and easy. I just had to send out an email with my intention behind it and my request. The ease and simplicity of Resonance made it impactful. Being a busy person, I didn’t have time for a gift that took a lot of time and energy, so this was perfect."


Send a sound montage to honor and celebrate your loved ones


Graduation SampleResonance

A personal and creative gift perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions.

Naomi is a composer, trombonist, producer and music educator whose work is geared toward creating authentic expression and connection. Inspired by the natural world, her music creates an auditory landscape, providing a space for performers and listeners to be with their own feelings while connecting with the larger ecosystem. Naomi created the gift of Resonance as a way to bring her community together and share love between her friends and family.

Naomi Moon Siegel​

The Musician Behind Resonance

Resonance Sound Montage Gifts and Naomi Moon Siegel

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Resonance Sound Montage. Wedding gift, birthday gift, and graduation gifts. Gifts for special occasions.
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Birthday SampleResonance